Server Administration

We are happy to announce we are expanding horizons in server administration and now our services are available to anyone not just our web hosting clients.
And to celebrate this initiative we will be providing
one month of free server administration!
So give us a heads-up if you:
  • need to troubleshoot any server or web site issues;
  • have questions or need expert's advice on server administration;
  • need server or service audit look for new architecture for your resources;
  • need assistance on the best hardware parts for you server;
  • want to configure backup of your sensitive files, databases, sites, emails and stats;
  • want to sleep at night;
  • we'll configure monitoring and support your server proactively.
Our offer is valid for:
  • our current clients;
  • our potential clients;
  • if you are still sitting on the fence, this could be a good way to test our services;
  • our clients' friends;
  • anyone in need:)
Just let us know you need help.
But please don't ask to build a spacecraft for you:). We'll take care of your server only!

Our technicians are available for you at