Natcoweb - About Us

Every time you open About Us page there's 99% probability you will see anything like "We've been for ... years in the market, we have employees, we have been quite successful at it and know how to deliver you the top-notch services". We are going in a different direction.
Company isn't a logo, a number of years in the market or a set of rules. Company is a group of people united to pursue a common interest. This is what Natcoweb is about. We are passionate about hosting and every member in our team stays connected.
People lose passion for things they do when they become routine. Here at Natcoweb we know how to fight routine. We do this by staying in direct contact with our clients and being flexible on all the levels. We can prove it by the fact that you won't have to go through 7 transfers to reach our sales or account manager or wait for 20 minutes to get a return authorization.
We keep asking ourselves what we can do better and where we might go next. And this is the only way to stay successful for our company and our clients' businesses. We always do reality checks by getting feedback from our clients and try to stay focused on clients rather than procedures. Take a quick glance at the company structure and see how we manage to deliver the best solutions allowing your business to meet challenges in your industry.