Quote Of The Week

When deciding upon the best place for business negotiations or for a Christmas party with your team and partners, first of all we want a modern interior, good cookery, polite personnel... If we are offered all of this for a quite acceptable price, we feel like the choice is made.

Say, the X-day comes. You enter the hall, and find everything perfect. The negotiations are almost finished, the contract is almost signed... but somebody turns the light off!! Everything was prepared carefully, but the light is turned off. You took care of everything, except for the working hours of the restaurant. And signing the contract is postponed or it remains unsigned at all just because of the personnel's working day.

Or take a party with all your team and partners. Everything's great. But when it comes to your address, you find out that the soundman (along with the microphone and all that stuff) has already left. And hardly there will be 20 of 500 invited guests who will hear your speech, although you spent not a single week getting ready for it.

So what? Wasn't the crucial thing, worth of caring of, the "working hours"? Be the restaurant manager on duty, he would definitely find someone to fix the light, and you'd be happy with your contract. Be the soundman more responsible - your speech would definitely make impression on your partners.

And what will you consider first, when choosing a hosting company? How will you estimate your service provider? No doubt, you'll think of resources offered to you for your money, such as advanced equipment, qualified personnel etc. But what if your machine (even the most reliable one) needs to be installed/reinstalled or just rebooted at 10p.m., and your support is available till 9p.m. only?

Take care of your project uninterrupted operation beforehand. Don't force your clients to look for alternative to your firm. Make sure that you and your project will be assisted 24*7, 52 weeks in a year.

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