VPS Server Administration Services

We strive to provide server administration services with every VPS plan. Please check what comes with every VPS package below:
Network availability
  • Free installation of the cPanel control panel is done during VPS provisioning;
  • Free control panel and OS optimization is done on the basis of the current server load during a week's period.
  • General optimization is suitable in 99% of use cases;
  • Free initial security hardening;
  • Free initial accounts migration from remote system with the same control panel and the same OS;
  • Management of all aspects of the operating system, assistance and troubleshooting of any problems related to operating system and standard control panel components;
  • cPanel/WHM
  • Initial installation
  • Initial service optimization
  • Version upgrade/downgrade (note: EDGE build is not supported)
  • Repair
  • Licensing
  • Troubleshooting of automated update and/or backup creation tasks
Mail services
  • Change/Upgrade/Reinstall/Uninstall MTA/MSP/POP3/IMAP services
  • Change/Upgrade/Reinstall/Uninstall antispam and antivirus software
  • Troubleshoot and repair mail delivery problems (note: problems caused by 3rd party mail scanning, filtering, products are not supported, custom delivery rules or ACLs are not supported)
  • Troubleshoot standard Horde/IMP and Squirrelmail webmail clients
Web service
  • Software (apache/php/ioncube/zend/eaccelerator/etc.) installation & recompilation & upgrade
  • Upgrade MySQL version
  • Repair MySQL installation
  • Repair/optimize MySQL databases
  • Troubleshoot MySQL startup or connectivity issues
  • Repair/reinstall named
  • Named configuration troubleshooting
FTP service
  • Upgrade/reinstall proftpd, vsftpd or pure-ftpd FTP server
  • Switch between pure-ftpd/vsftpd and proftpd
  • FTP service configuration troubleshooting (note: custom configuration rules or custom FTP server modules are not supported)